Wild Mugwort Restoring Serum

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Wild Mugwort Restoring Serum
Moisturizing, restoring and anti-aging. Skincare all-in-one. Specially designed for sensitive skin, this restoring serum added Codiavelane extract and tremella polysaccharide to improve skin hydration and moisturizing duration. Vitamin B3 can boot the defence of the cuticle layer and restore damaged and aged skin. With bisabolol and saccharomyces polypeptides, it can strengthen skin resistance.

Step 4 Treatment

Made with multiple active ingredients and forming a clear moisturising shield on the skin's surface. With the help of water molecules, plant extracts can deeply penetrate into the skin layers for long-lasting restoration.

Purpose: Facial skin care.
Suitable for: All skin types, especially for sensitive facial skin.
Volume: 30ml / 1.1 fl.oz

- 深层保水保养


全效修护保湿菁华,All in one,修护、保湿、抗老一次到位



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