Wild Mugwort Facial Cleansing Lotion


Wild Mugwort Facial Cleansing Lotion
Made with mild plant oils to gently remove makeup and impurities on the surface skin. Vitamin B3 Bisabolol can improve skin defense. Lavender and patchouli essences can also soothe skin irritation.

Step1 Remove Makeup

This is the very first cleansing step to make your skin return to basic health. Natural plant extracts can relax tired skin with their lovely aroma. Whilst removing the stress and dirt, it can also awaken the skin's vitality and protect it from harm, then leaving the skin with a silky refreshing feel.

Purpose: Clean and softly removes make-up and impurities.
Suitable for: All skin types, especially for sensitive facial skin.
Volume: 150ml / 5.3 fl.oz




1.高度抗氧化成分的白芒花籽油,有效温和的卸除脸部脏污及残妆。 .

主要成份:白芒花籽油,发酵β葡聚糖(β-glucan),没药醇,维他命B3,维他命E,艾草、薰衣草、广藿香、岩兰草、杜松(精油) ,艾草萃取液


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