• Moisturizing Lucky Bag

Moisturizing Lucky Bag

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Oat, Sishen Chinese Herb, Camellia, Mung Bean & Job's Tears Soap 

燕麥, 四神, 苦茶, 綠豆薏仁皂

[ Oat Soap 100g ]

Especially beneficial for those with extremely sensitive skin or skin that is oily underneath but dry on the surface. With no essential oil, no scent and nourishing buckwheat, this is the mildest soap within the Yuan soap range. Suitable for babies, children, women during and after their pregnancy.

[ Sishen Chinese Herb Soap 100g ]

Chinese Angelica, the main ingredient in the Sishen soap, is a potent anti-oxidant that helps prevent pigment formation and increases the skin's ability to fade melanin resulting in brighter skin. Also contains Job’s tears which help to reduce water retention. This extremely moisturizing soap making it suitable for normal/dry skin.

[ Camellia Soap 100g ]
Beneficial to calm skin affected by hormonal changes especially after giving birth, or skins that are constantly exposed to the air-conditioner. For normal to dry skin.
Black sesame oil and camellia oil are the best oils in Taiwan. Their rich nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids are stable and plentiful. When made into soap, the soap will retain these trace elements that are good for babies, toddlers, post-natal mothers with sensitive skin, women with pre- and post-menstrual anxiety, those who work in the air-conditioned environment every day and those who love the smell of earth. It has a bitter smell and leaves your body soothed and comfortable after a wash.

[ Mung Bean & Job's Tears Soap 100g ]
Mung bean and Job's Tears work best together by deep cleansing, brightens and even out your skin tone. Cinnamon essential oil helps to improve blood circulation thus giving a radiant skin. Use this soap to remove everyday makeup, prevent pigmentation from constant sun exposure and clean and clear skin! Suitable for all skin types.