• FatherDay Set 4 (UP $55.80)

FatherDay Set 4 (UP $55.80)

  • $48.00
  • $55.80

[ Men Soap 四神皂 ~ 2x]
Our men's soap uses generous portions of bitter gourd, honeysuckle, heartleaf houttuynia, white flower patrinia herb, Chinese angelica(Dang Gui), sesame oil, mint, and many other complimenting herbs. Works well for oily skin (face and body), pimples, and sensitive skin. It's also suitable for reducing strong body odor.

[ Momordica Toothpaste - Natural Whiteness  苦瓜牙膏 - 明亮洁白 ~ 1x]
With Momordica extracts, keeping the nutrients of Vitamin C, protecting oral mucous membrane and helps you to restore your teeth’s natural whiteness. Added extracted blends of Fennel, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and other plant seeds' essential oils, which are gentle and not spicy.
含苦瓜萃取液,保留植物原始丰富维他命C,保护口腔粘膜组织并帮助你恢复 牙齿自然洁白 。 加入茴香、肉桂和豆蔻等植物种子萃取精油,温润香甜不辛辣。