• FatherDay Set 3 (UP $50.80)

FatherDay Set 3 (UP $50.80)

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  • $50.80

[ Sishen Chinese Herb Soap 四神皂 ~ 2x]
Chinese Angelica, the main ingredient in the Sishen soap, is a potent anti-oxidant that helps prevent pigment formation and increases the skin's ability to fade melanin resulting in brighter skin. Also contains Job’s tears which help to reduce water retention. This extremely moisturizing soap making it suitable for normal/dry skin.
四神物性溫潤,富含澱粉質,對於粗糙乾燥的肌膚有幫助,洗後柔軟賦予彈性,擁有極佳觸感。当归外用有抗氧化的能力,萃取物可以减少皮肤色素沉淀和黑色素 的形成。成份溫和,早晨使用可幫助帶走睡眠的疲憊,不會過度清潔,非常適合成熟肌膚及冬季使用。

[ Hinoki Toothpaste - Sensitivity Relief  桧木牙膏 - 舒缓敏感 ~ 1x]
With Alpinia Speciosa extract that has high anti-oxidant properties. Added Hinoki, Eucalyptus, and Pine Tree essential oils, preventing bad breath, leaving a cleaner and fresher breath.