• FatherDay Set 2 (UP $53.80)

FatherDay Set 2 (UP $53.80)

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  • $53.80

[ Wild Mugwort Soap 艾草皂 ~ 2x]
Pungent and dark, YUAN Wild Mugwort Soap is our bestseller which posses a love or hates the unique scent. Use it to relieve skin problems like eczema, reduce itch from ringworm, body acne, atopic dermatitis, and fungal infections. It is also great for reducing strong body odor.

[ Wild Mugwort Toothpaste - Gum Care  艾草牙膏 - 修护 ~ 1x]
Fortified with Wild Mugwort extracts, essential oil, to soothe the gums and protect the teeth. Use it with proper brushing techniques and habits to help remove plaque and maintain good oral health.
Suitable for sensitive gums and teeth too. Fluoride, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, paraben, artificial flavor free formula.
含艾草萃取液,富含丰富维他命,有效舒缓修护。 添加艾草精油,口感草本清香,温和保护口腔。 配合正确刷牙习惯能帮助去除牙菌斑以及降低牙周病发生率, 帮助缓解敏感性牙齿的疼痛。