• Beauty Lucky Bag

Beauty Lucky Bag

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Oat, Purple Gromwell & Roselle, Lemon, Mung Bean & Job's Tears Soap 

燕麥, 紫草洛神, 檸檬, 綠豆薏仁皂

[ Oat Soap 100g ]

Especially beneficial for those with extremely sensitive skin or skin that is oily underneath but dry on the surface. With no essential oil, no scent and nourishing buckwheat, this is the mildest soap within the Yuan soap range. Suitable for babies, children, women during and after their pregnancy.

[ Purple Gromwell & Roselle Soap 100g ]

A popular soap among teenagers and working adults. This soap is a great detoxifier which helps to unearth impurities deep within the skin making it suitable for pimples prone skin/ for blackheads and whiteheads to put a glow to your dull skin.

[ Lemon Soap 100g ]
Our lemon soap brightens your skin by removing old cells and repairing broken capillaries. It also works well to tighten pores and lighten pigmentations. Great for balancing oily skins and for people who are always on the go. Refreshing soap to use in our hot and humid Singapore weather.

[ Mung Bean & Job's Tears Soap 100g ]
Mung bean and Job's Tears work best together by deep cleansing, brightens and even out your skin tone. Cinnamon essential oil helps to improve blood circulation thus giving a radiant skin. Use this soap to remove everyday makeup, prevent pigmentation from constant sun exposure and clean and clear skin! Suitable for all skin types.