• 3.8 Set 04

3.8 Set 04

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Moisture Replenishing Mask - Lifting
Replenishing moisture mask, repairing and moisturizing, for a more translucent skin. Contains precious plants extract formulations, designed to repair the skin from the top layer to the deepest layer, to return the skin to its original healthy state, the way it should be, naturally radiant and beautiful. Camellia flower and Ginseng roots repair the skin, restore the skin’s vitality and elasticity.

Comes with a 3g face cream sachet for complete face care and moisture lock to apply after removing the face mask.

  • Camellia and ginseng roots extracts help to restore natural skin elasticity and vitality and delay aging. 
  • A formula to strengthen the skin barrier function, lock in skin moisture.
  • Moisture replenishing cream to seal the serum and keep the skin moist and hydrated for the next few days.

    Bi-phase Serum Concentrate - Moisturizing 
    Fragile, dry skin has lost its oil balance and this product can help improve skin's absorption and nourish it gently to return your skin's healthy glow. The perfect ratio of 4:6 of face oil and plant extract water can improve your skin's hydration and restoration as well as lighten and smoothen fine lines. This anti-aging product will bring a beautiful shine to your skin.