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12th Auspicious Soaps in a gift set, an ode to the year 2018.
These soaps are auspiciously round, hand painstaking shaped by hands to signify togetherness, fullness, reunion...etc in classic Chinese's custom. 

Content: Wild Mugwort Soap, Mung Bean and Jobs Tears Soap, Rose Face Soap (NEW), Magnolia Face Soap (NEW), Forest Pine Soap, Houttuynia Soap, Lemon Soap, Wild Patchouli Soap, Wild Yellow Sage Soap, Bidens Pilosa Soap (New &Limited), Honeysuckle Soap, and Purple Gromwell and Roselle Soap.
Weight: 240g (12x 20g)
Measurement (Box): 9cm x 36cm x 5cm 

包含养护肌肤新皂款 - 玫瑰皂和玉兰皂

礼盒尺寸:9 *36 *5厘米
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