Hinoki Toothpaste - Anti Sensitive




桧木抗敏牙膏 - 抗敏牙膏 木本萃取

※ 本商品含精油,初次使用或过敏体质的人请务必进行过敏测试,或洽询合格医师之后方可使用。

容量规格:75 g/2.6 fl.oz

The trees toothpaste is formulated with pine tree, cypress and wintergreen oil.
Pine oil contains phytoncide extracts and gives a woody aroma that helps refresh your gum. With Alpinia extracts' anti oxidants properties, this toothpaste helps reduce gum sensitivity and discomfort while maintaining healthy gums.
Helps reduce gum sensitivity, strengthens tooth enamel, remove plaques, prevent dental caries and protect gums.

1.Contains no triclosan, propylene glycol, bleaching agents, artificial colouring or fragrance.
2.Toothpaste contains natural plant essences and extracts, it is normal and safe to use even if toothpaste turns yellow after opening.

3.This product contains essential oils, please ensure you test it for allergies reaction before use. 


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